2014 Top 6 Largest Fish - Winners and Prizes

  1. Ryan Quirk of Buchans Junction, with a fish of 6 lb 10 oz - Winner of Teck's 14 ft Aluminum Boat.
  2. Fred Loveless of Lewisporte, with a fish of 5 lb 10 oz - Winner of the Victoria Outfitters weekend for Two fishing getaway. 
  3. Dave Best of Badger, with of fish of 5 lb 8 oz - Winner of Red Indian Lake Outfitting and Tour's 2 Night Skidoo Package for Two.
  4. Paula White of Badger, with a fish of 5 lb 3 oz - Winner of Notch Mountain Outfitters 2 Night Fishing Trip for Two.
  5. Aiden Locke of Buchans, with a fish of 4 lb 3 oz - Winner of Lakeview Inn's 2 Night Lodging for 2 people.
  6. Dylan Leyte of Grand Falls-Windsor, with a fish of 3 lb 2 oz - Winner of By The Sea Inn and Cafe's One Night Lodging for Two People, with a steak supper.

2014 Participant Draw Winners

  • Parker Glavine of Buchans - Riverfront Chalet's River Rafting Package
  • Jean Quinton of Buchans - Tech Directional's Fish Dip Net
  • Griffin Harris of Buchans - Grand Toyota's Toyota Jacket
  • Tyson Brace of Buchans - Mastercraft Screwdriver Set donated by Gerald and Cherry Hicks
  • Luc Hurley of Badger - Islander RV's 4 Life Jackets
  • Phillip Squires of Grand Falls-Windsor - Islander RV's 4 Life Jackets
  • Jennifer Brace of Buchans - Marsh Motorsports Gift Certificate of $50.00
  • Darrell Sheppard of Grand Falls-Windsor - Marsh Motorsports Gift Certificate of $50.00
  • Chris Blundon of Millertown - Gentleman B's Gift Certificate of $40.00
  • Chris Barnes of Grand Falls-Windsor - Trailblazer's Gift Certificate of $100.00
  • Cameron Pinsent of Buchans - Town Of Millertown's Rayovac Lantern
  • Kathleen Caines of Buchans - Thruway Recreations Mercury Shirt
  • Bradley Chippett of Buchans - Grand Toyota's Toyota Mug
  • Jackie Mercer of Buchans Junction - Grants Sports Gift Certificate of $25.00
  • Ron Hicks of Grand Falls-Windsor - Tim Hortons Coffee and 2 Travel Mugs
  • Jim Flynn Junior of Buchans - 20lb Propane Fill from T&K Convenience. Sponsored by Sports Unlimited.
  • Bruce Heath of Buchans Junction - Boardwalk Resturant's Gift Certificate of $25.00

Early Bird Draw

  • Sports Unlimited's Fly Fishing Rod was won by Cory Adams of Fairbanks

Raffle Ticket Draws

  • Fish Finder, sponsored by Exploits Trailnet was won by Roy Hobbs Junior.