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Teck Duck Pond Operations has been our Number One sponsor for the past 3 years, has donated $1800.00.

Victoria Outfitters, for the 4th year in a row has sponsored a weekend for 2 getaway in June 2019 valued at $2000.00. This includes travel from Millertown to the Victoria Lodge, Lodging, Guides, Food and Equipment.

Lake Douglas is donating for the 4th year in a row, a snowmobile package for 4 people. This package is for 2 days and includes meals and a guide. Book anytime between February 15th and April 1st, 2019. This trip is valued at $1400.00.

RBC Donated $1,000 and 6 volunteers to help with our surf & Turf meal.

Tech Directional Services has donated 2 inflatable life jackets and a 12inch gauge flare gun kit valued at $550.00.

Antler Gold, an geology exploration company working near Millertown, donated $500.00 Cash to be used for children’s prizes.

Canadian Zinc, a geology exploration company with an office in Buchans Junction, also donated $500.00 Cash to be used for children’s prizes.

Notch Mountain Outfitters have a lodge on Red Indian Lake near Lloyds River, they have donated $500.00 weekend for 2 fishing getaway.

Trailblazers located in the beautiful community of Badger has donated a Rod & Reel Combo valued at $410.00.

Snowshoe Lake Lodge donated two Kayaks for each of the Children’s Categories, valued at $420.00.

The Town Of Millertown donated a Foldable Park Bench/Picnic Table and a remote control car valued at $290.00.

HR Project Partners & Damar Electrical is a prime example of business working together to give back to community’s. They donated $274.00 Waist Waders and boots. Thanks again for your continued support.

Home Hardware located in the community of Buchans has worked with the Red Indian Lake Fish Derby every year and we thank them for there continued support into the future. This year Home Hardware donated $250.00 Gift Card.

Cottle’s Lumber donated $250.00 proceeds bought a Reddington Fly Rod and Reel Combo, a fishing vest and a tackle kit.

Exploits Trailsnet donated again this year a Rod and Reel Combo valued at $244.00.

David Kitchen was a local resident of Millertown, he has donated a Fish Stain Glass that me made himself. Valued at $240.00.

The Lakeview Inn in Millertown has also donated every year, this year they donated 2 nights accommodations for 2 in Millertown, valued at $230.00.

The Blue Ridge Outdoor Supply Store in Lewisporte donated a Fenwick Rod valued at $210.00.

Dennis Rose with Investors Group in Grand Falls-Windsor also donated again this year $200.00 Cash, which was used to get a Fish Finder and Fly Lotion for the Adult Prizes.

Thruway Recreation in Grand Falls-Windsor has donated an Inflatable Water Tube, valued at $200.00.

Guillevin International in Grand Falls-Windsor donated cooler, valued at $160.00.

The Town of Grand Falls-Windsor has donated Two 2019 Salmon Festival Tickets valued at $160.00.

Thunderland Amusements donated a day pass for 10 people valued at $150.00.

Precision Collision donated a package of steak knives, a pocket knife, hunting knife and a waterbottle. All valued at $150.00

Western Petroleum in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a $100.00 Gift card and 3 hats, valued at $120.00.

The Town of Buchans has donated a $100.00 Gift Card for Home Hardware.

Decker’s Autopro in Grand Falls-Windsor has donated an oil and filter change, valued at $100.00.

Sextons Lumber has donated $100.00 towards children’s prizes.

The Town of Badger has donated $100.00 towards children’s prizes.

B&K Flooring in Grand Falls-Windsor has donated a $100.00 Gift Certificate.

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Sharron’s Sales and Service in Grand Falls-Windsor has donated a Four Tire Changeover and balance, valued at $75.00.

Canadian Tire donated an inflatable water tube, valued at $70.00.

Cohen’s in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a picture valued at $70.00

Headquarters/Head Place in Grand Falls-Windsor has donated a variety of Hair Products valued at $70.00.


Ability has donated an Assessment/Treatment valued at $60.00.


Exploits Lanes Bowling donated Two 5 Person 1 Hour Bowling Rentals, valued at $60.00.

Central Auto Glass has donated one windshield chip repair, valued at $60.00.


The Grand Falls Golf Club donated one round of 18 hole golf, valued at $60.00.

Alteen’s Jewellers donated a Converse Mens Watch valued at $50.00.

The Medicine Shop.png

Buchans Enterprises Limited has donated $50.00 cash, which was used for children’s prizes.

The Medicine Shoppe donated $50.00 Cash which was used for a prize in the Adult Category.

Nortrax John Deere in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a sweater valued at $50.00.

Surplus Furniture donate a gift certificate valued at $50.00.

Brown Derby in Grand Falls Windsor donated a Kit Kat Cooler Bag, valued at $50.00.

Kindens Treats from the sea.jpg

Adventure Sales and Service donated a $50.00 Gift Certificate.

Lakeview Chrysler Dodge in Gander donated 3 Hats, 2 Mugs, and 2 Travel Mugs, valued at $50.00

Kindens Treats from the sea donated a bag of mussels valued at $50.00.

C&S Unique Gifts in Grand Falls Windsor donated a 3D Trout Picture valued at $40.00.

Notre Dame Castle in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a Heat Gun Kit, valued at $30.00.

Browning Harvey.png

Browning Harvey Ltd donated two 24 can cases of pop, valued at $30.00

Napa Auto Parts donated a T-Shirt and Hat valued at $30.00.

Taiwan Resturant.jpg

Tai Wan Restaurant donated a $25.00 Gift Certificate.

Badger Diner donated 2 Fish and Chip Dinners valued at $25.00.


Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union donated 2 mugs and various other items valued at $25.00.

Patches Pet Supply in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a $25.00 Gift Certificate.


Common Grounds in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a $20.00 Gift Certificate.

Gentlemen B’s in Grand Falls-Windsor donated a $20.00 Gift Certificate.

Parts for trucks.png

Donnini’s donated a 12 Inch Pizza Gift Certificate valued at $20.00.

Colonial Auto Parts.jpg

Parts for Trucks donated a Hands Free Light Touque valued at $20.00.

Colonial Auto Parts donated a bottle of spray 9 valued at $16.00.

Warwicks Resturant donated a Gift Certificate for $15.00.

A&W donated at $10.00 Gift Certificate.